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Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Barebacking Angeles City


I never intended this trip to be like that. I certainly never intended to take home the first std ever in my life. The trip just started off that way and I didn’t have the strength to put it back on a safer path. My thoughts were something to the tune of “Well, I’m already exposed, so what does it matter?” This is wrong thinking… or horny thinking, or both. I haven’t done an HIV test yet, waiting on the antibodies, but the thing about taking 10 shots at a 1,000 to one odds (total guess on odds), you are no longer taking a 1,000 to one, you are taking only 100 to 1.  If you knew one sexual encounter gave you a 100 to 1 shot at contracting HIV, I bet you’d wear a condom, if you continued at all.

This was not my first sex trip, not my first one to Angeles City either… but it was my first sex trip where it seemed wearing a condom with a sex worker was totally up to me. I didn’t even really think that ever happened, I thought the first thing a girl learns when she becomes a sex worker is to wear condoms, always, and to not wait on the customer to put it on himself.

Barebacking Sex Destinations

Where will prostitutes fuck without condoms?

Manila EDSA Complex Stopover

I wasn’t off the plane 2 hours when I first boom boom’d a beautiful 19 year old in Manila condomless. My flight arrived in Manila late, at around from 11pm from Guam. I like to take the bus to Angeles City, as it seems like a total waste of money to take a car. Of course, the bar fine at EDSA is more expensive than Angeles City, but there are some truly beautiful girls to choose from. I had the taxi take me to Victoria Court which is a short walk from EDSA and a short Pedi cab to the Victory Liner Station.

Victoria Court Cuneta room from image from

It was my first time staying at Victoria Court and I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to pay for the room for 12 hours for about 1500 and it was a very nice room, clean and elegant, definitely a place to bring a girl to fuck the shit out of. By the way, they supplied a pink condom laid nicely on top of the bed with a towel.

When I got my date to the room a short time later, I remember being a bit confused at her reaction to the condom. She picked it up, kinda giggled, and flung it down on the bed, and that was the last I saw of that condom. Later, when she simply grabbed my dick in the middle of foreplay and put it inside her, my total lack of reaction at the situation can only be explained by not having expected it… and well… being horny… and being that she was one of the most beautiful whores I’ve ever had.

Why you should you read a Sex Travel book…

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Barebacking Sex Destinations

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