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Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Pattaya bay

Pattaya Guide to Sex Vacation


Overview of the various sex districts in Pattaya Thailand. Information on red light venues such as go-go bars, girlie bars, and full service massage parlors.

Pattaya red light map
Map of Pattaya highlighting the various red light districts.

Pattaya is the capital of sex destinations. There is no better all-inclusive destination for the single male traveler. Thousands of girls starting at just 18-years-old await the lonely foreign gentleman in the bars, massage parlors, and streets of the ocean side thriving city of Pattaya, Thailand.

For a sex destination, Pattaya is massive. It may take some time for the new visitor to find the various sex districts scattered throughout the city. Each area has its own feel and often caters to a different sort of visitor. Walking Street, for example, caters to the bigger spender and less-frequent travelers, while Soi 6 caters to the more budget conscious visitor and men who want less foreplay.

Getting around

For the single male traveler interested in Pattaya’s red-light districts, the area south of Central Road to Walking Street should be your focus. This area is within walking district to all of the city’s red-light attractions and is organized by 3 streets that run north-south: Beach Road, Second Road, Soi Buakhao. It is about ¾ of a mile from Beach Road to Soi Buakhao.

The hotels and restaurants on Beach Road are nicer and more expensive. As you go inland, better deals can be found. Soi Buakhao is known for cheap guesthouses and budget outdoor eateries.

Motorbike taxis can zip you around or you can learn the system of songthaews (covered pickup trucks with benches that act as pseudo buses). The songthaews run south on Beach Road and north on Second Road for 10 baht.

Phrases in Pattaya’s Sex Districts

Barfine: A fee paid to the bar so a lady may leave with the customer. Payment of the barfine implies sexual intercourse unless stated otherwise. Prices on this page stated in Thai Baht (convert).

Pattaya Barfine Prices: The range for a sexual encounter in Pattaya is 1200 – 7000 depending on the girl, time agreed, and venue.

Go-go bars

Walking Street in pattaya at night.

These bars tend to be more upscale and are generally what travelers imagine of the sex trade in Thailand. A stage holds several girls who wait to be called down for drinks from patrons. Though mostly on Walking Street, some can be found in other areas. Dancers in these clubs might be picky with whom they barfine. (3k – 7k)

Girlie bars

These bars are sprinkled throughout the city, though they congregate on Soi 6. They may be plush comfortable venues or dive plastic-chair hole-in-the-walls. The girls will usually wear revealing attire and sit, waiting for customers. A stage in these bars is rare. Girls in these clubs are the easiest to barfine. (2k-5k)

Beer Bars

Outdoor venues with a long bar, usually in a square, these bars cater more to the drinkers and partygoers than sex-seeking tourists. Lady entertainers wearing anything from jean shorts and t-shirt to evening dresses await customers. Some will leave on a barfine while others stay in the bar all night entertaining. (2k – 5k)

Full Service Massage Parlors

While the storefront may look like any professional massage parlor in the city, the ones with full service can usually be identified by plain-clothed masseuses. These can be found in the area of Soi Honey and Soi 13.  (2k-5k)

Street Walkers

Concentrated on Beach Road near Walking Street, girls stand waiting to be approached by prospective customers. (1k-3k)

Pattaya Sex Districts

The streets of Pattaya can be confusing to the first-time visitor, who often finds himself at the mercy of the professional bargirl on Walking Street. However, for the more adventurous or budget-conscience traveler, other areas can provide a better service for a cheaper price.

Walking Street

Ah, Walking Street, Pattaya Thailand: a sex destination, a night scene, and a tourist attraction. The cobbled street under the shining Walking Street marque is shared by aging sex tourists, young backpackers, and bused-in tour groups.

The clubs here are mostly the go-go variety with the most beautiful girls in the country, some of which will be standing on the street hawking their respective club. With the quality of the clubs and girls, the prices are also inflated.

While the restaurants and open-air bars open for lunch, the go-go bars and nightclubs of Walking Street open around 8 pm and stay open until the early morning hours.

  • Drinks 60 – 150
  • Ladies drinks 200 – 400
  • Barfine 3000 – 4000 Short time, 5000 – 7000 Long time

Sex Excursionist’s Walking Street guide.

Soi 6

A little over a mile north on Beach Road from the Walking Street entrance is a sex pit you may not notice if you weren’t looking for the standard round street sign with a 6.

Here, you can find a high concentration of girlie bars, or short-time bars, with convenient short-time rooms upstairs. The girls here are hardened prostitutes, less likely to be picky and also less likely to put up with bullshit.

The bars here open in the early afternoon and close shortly after nightfall, with the prime hours being between 4 pm and 7 pm. A stroll down the street at this time can often provide an experience of flirtation and laughter without even parting with your cash, as girls approach you to hawk their services.

  • Drinks 60 – 120
  • Ladies drinks 150 – 300
  • Barfine 1500 – 3000 Short time, 3000 – 5000 Long time

Sex Excursionist’s Soi 6 guide.

Soi LK Metro

Named for the hotel which sits at one end of the alleyway that comprises Soi LK Metro, visitors will find a more laid-back and less-pretentious feeling in the go-go bars.

The bars here are simple with a stage in the middle and booths aligning the walls. The girls will be friendlier and more eager to make money than their Walking Street counterparts and less-hardened then those on Soi 6. I’ve always enjoyed my barfines from LK Metro.

The bars here open in the late afternoon and stay open until around midnight.

  • Drinks 80 – 150
  • Ladies drinks 200 – 350
  • Barfine 2500 – 3000 Short time, 3000 – 5000 Long time

Sex Excursionist’s Soi LK Metro guide.

Soi Honey

Named for Honey Body Massage sitting prominently mid-street, Soi Honey is for those seeking quick relief. Don’t expect to need to wine and dine your short-time lady, nor should you expect to be turned down.

In Honey Massage, girls are arranged around a middle seating area and flooded with lights so you can thoroughly judge their assets. In the room, expect a pampered service, body-to-body rubdown, and safe sex.

On the street, toward the intersection with Soi Buakhao are the less-frills versions of full-service massage. Here you can find some of the cheapest quick fucks in the city… and no, not much of a massage, if any.

  • Honey Massage 2500 – 4000
  • Street Stalls 1200 – 2000

Soi 13

You might wander down Soi 13 on an early trip to Pattaya as you explore the area around Walking Street. The street takes a bit from all styles of sexual venues with go-go bars, girlie bars, and full-service massage on offer.

The feel of Soi 13 is a bit of a cross between LK Metro and Soi 6 with career-oriented girls out to suck the life out of the naïve visitor as well as those girls who may be more relaxed and enjoy sitting around drinking beer.

Prices can be somewhat high here due to its proximity to Walking Street and the high-end hotels.

  • Drinks 150 – ­350
  • Ladies drinks 200 – 350
  • Barfine 2500 – 3000 Short time, 3000 – 5000 Long time
  • Full-service massage 2000 – 3000

Beach Road Walkers

Why not go directly to the source? Skip the bars and massage parlors all-together? It’s an easy option and girls line Beach Road stretching away from Walking Street at all hours of the day.

While Pattaya is generally safe for the sex-connoisseur, if you are looking for trouble with a girl, this is where you’ll find it. Since you can never be sure where to find her again, be mindful of theft, and be sure to use a condom.

  • Negotiated fee 1000 – 2500


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