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Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Pattaya: 30 Days of Pain

Sex Excursionist vol 2 paperback book
Pattaya: 30 Days of Pain, the second volume in the Sex Excursionist saga

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This time, amateur travel author, Nathan Renly, continues his journey in the popular sex destination of Pattaya, Thailand, though he quickly discovers purchasing intimate relationships with young bargirls is not always the satisfying experience he hopes for.

This book is about the interactions, debauchery, and raw emotions that a 50 year-old lonely American man experiences during his intimate encounters with girls less than half his age in Pattaya’s red-light districts.

“As I moped around my condo for the entire day, I looked for excuses to get out, to find a street walker somewhere and manhandle her, to hate-fuck all my self-pity away in one glorious assault. In my mind, it wasn’t myself that was the problem, it was Pattaya. I was resentful and angry.”

Includes Guide to Pattaya’s Sex Districts and island

  • Walking Street
  • Soi 6
  • Soi LK Metro
  • Soi 13
  • Koh Larn
  • Koh Lanta

“The most enjoyable night? Probably the blurry, drunken image of Ben’s shit-eating grin while plowing the ass of the Soi 6 spinner as she braced herself against my shoulders, desperate to keep my dick from plopping out of her cunt. It certainly wasn’t the goddess curled under my arm the last week, the image of every man’s desires, ripping my heart and wallet away with her cold, savage touch.

Sitting in the cramped economy class of the eastbound A380, gliding above the Aluetians, my stomach churned like a bachelor jilted at the altar. “She’s only a whore,” I assured myself.

The world believes that men go to Pattaya for sex. Tens of thousands of young ladies offering their bodies to foreign men for the price of a nice dinner. For some of us who make the trip, we discover the offers far exceed sexual services. Emotions between myself and the girls I employ are often real. It’s not the surgical style prostitution common in Western countries. Thai girls sell themselves to meet a foreigner, where age difference is not a deal-breaker, and the profession is merely a stepping stone.

Many men take advantage of this. Preying on the naïve girls’ desires to find a husband, but themselves only interested in a fun getaway from Western life, and the feeling of being young again with a sexy lady. This is me. Paying for sex is fun, but the feeling of adoration is what I make the journey for. Though after THIS excursion, I wished I was merely a drunken sex-starved tourist, spending no more time with the girls than was necessary to climax. Simpler that way. Letting a Thai bargirl into your heart and wallet will ruin a vacation faster than a broken airplane engine.

The valium I availed myself of from the Thai pharmacy slowed my brain enough for the rehash of the prior month’s events to ease and I drifted away with my head propped on the scrunched-up airline pillow.

Flying home was a smooth ride, the flight bound for Thailand a month earlier was anything but…”