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Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

60 days in Angeles City: 1


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The big 50. I put little thought into where I’d spend my 50th birthday. I’d been a Philippines visitor for two decades, taking as many as three vacations per year when my job would allow it. This time, I wanted something different. Retirement was approaching, I deserved it with all the work I’d given that company. I wanted to see if the Philippines was as suitable for retirement as it was for a vacation, so I pleaded for two months off and booked a flight.

Honestly, I don’t care much for the Philippines. Dirty streets, beggars, crowds, smog, and humidity doesn’t compare to the west coast USA.  What’s the good of saving a couple bucks on food if it gives you diarrhea? You can drive a car but it will take you three times longer to get anywhere as a scooter. With a scooter, you risk getting wet.

Filipinos really aren’t that polite either, not really. Bet you’ve heard otherwise. Sure, they treat you great if you’re spending money, or if you might spend money, or if they are being kopyright Nathan Renly 2018 benefitted by something you spent money on, but general politeness in a day to day life when there is nothing to be gained is not common. I’ve been taken advantage of many times, whether it be cutting in line, to padding the bill.

Sure, Filipinos can be friendly. If you find yourself in a situation where money isn’t involved and yet there is a reason to be friendly, ok, they are as friendly as any people. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are friendlier, except that they speak English. I suspect that is the true reason for the belief that Filipinos are such a friendly people. It lies more in being able to communicate and not so much the desire to.

It’s cheaper in the Philippines. Well, sort of. You can certainly have a nice meal for much less than the USA, but you can’t survive there for that much less, not without a reduction in quality of living. I’ve talked to Americans living there who boast about spending only $1,000/month, even saving money from the social security check every month. When I see the space they are living in, usually a sort of townhouse style building, the construction and grounds remind me of a ghetto in the USA. Some of them live in studio condos in nice buildings, and those carry a price tag similar to what you’d find in the states for a comparable size. It’s difficult to own in the Philippines, I’ve yet to find a Westerner explain how I could live in a house of the same quality I could get in the states for the same price. I guess to live there, you need different expectations.

It’s the women. Ok, so all that crap doesn’t matter, not to a man such as myself. I’ve never been in love. Not really. At least not in the way that seems so common in the world, the so obvious love as to spend the rest of my life with the same woman. They say beauty is on the inside. Well, that might be true, I’ve met many beautiful personalities in my life. I’d say they are numerous in the world, not the rare find we like to believe, at least if you keep your expectations realistic. They come in various flavors: shy and smart, sassy and seductive, mellow and confident, crazy and outgoing, and so many more. And though it’s a romantic notion to believe that beauty on the inside doesn’t come with beauty on the outside, we all know that’s a load of bullshit fed to children to build their confidence. Some women have it all, a loving personality wrapped in a sexy package.

They aren’t much different in the Philippines than anywhere else in the world. I’m talking about their core emotions and beliefs. Women in the Philippines are similar to women in the states. They are attracted to strong, confident men, and especially men who can provide for them. In the states, the girls claim they don’t care about a man’s money, yet they all have standards, and the ones that are desirable enough to stick to them, absolutely will.

The standards we take for granted in the states, such as air conditioning and a car, aren’t easily had for a majority of the girls in the Philippines. Men that are able to provide those things are few, and most of them have white faces. Of course, even in the Philippines, you’ll never hear a woman say that. In fact, they may not even understand it themselves. You’ll never hear the hot American woman who married the rich lawyer say it was for the money either. Even with her, she may not be fully aware of it. She was simply attracted to him, and the reasons were less of a care than the raw emotion inside her.

But it’s the sex, right? Yes, I go to Angeles City because the sex is easy. If I want to get laid, I don’t have to court them, I can just point (usually). Some of them are dirty whores with hearts of sludge. I don’t spend much time with those. Many of them are pure-hearted souls who don’t know a better way to lift themselves out of poverty, and they believe a foreigner will fix everything. So for my two week vacations, I often enjoy a short relationship with a young, attractive, and amazing girl. Usually, I never see them again after each vacation, either they’ve found a man to rescue them or I’ve decided for a different flavor, maybe sassy and confident the next time.

It’s easy and fun. I live in a hotel for the time I’m there, eat in restaurants and lounge at the pool. In all those years, I’ve never truly lived in Angeles City, as the expats do. For my 50th birthday, I wanted to experience it, to see if it’s as wonderful as they all say. “Cheap, great food, and girls out the ying-yang,” as one put it.

This isn’t a sex book. For a raw look at sex kopyright Nathan Renly 2018 in Angeles City, try the Sex Excursionist erotic novels and short stories. This is a book about living in Angeles City and the pitfalls of dating bargirls.

It took almost the whole two months to understand that while I could buy sex in Angeles City, buying the love of a young woman came with a different price, one I never planned to yield: monogamy. A woman scorned in the Philippines is no different than anywhere, and it almost cost me dearly.


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