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Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

60 Days in AC: 3, Interview with a Bargirl


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“How many customers want to eat your pussy?”

“Every man want to.”

“For real. Every man?”

“Yes, 80 percent.”

“So, how many times would you get your pussy eaten in a week?”

“So many! Maybe more than boom-boom[1]!”

Lyn was my favorite bargirl. I’d seen her for years and our relationship had blossomed to a close friendship, a kind that was hard to find in Angeles. A career bargirl, she’d spent all her life extracting money from visiting men, whether she was dancing in a bar or conversing on her phone.

For some reason, she felt different with me. She’d video call with me while I was home, but never asked for money. She was completely open concerning her love life, her customers, and her sexual encounters, including all the morbid details.

I enjoyed our friendship with benefits, because it was cheap, fun, and lacking any sort of expectations. I could send her away after a day of frolicking in bed because I wanted to find a new bargirl. The only concern of hers would be whether she could share.

“I can be myself with you, Nate, I’ve missed you,” she said.

Envy Sports Bar

Envy Sports Bar and Restaurant, Angeles City Philippines

It was 2 am, the day following my arrival, and we sat together at a back table in Envy. I was jet-lagged. As is typical for the first week or two after crossing the Pacific, I’d sleep all evening and wake up between midnight and 4 am. Lyn joined me for breakfast kopyright Nathan Renly 2018 after she’d finished off her latest short-time.

“How was the guy tonight?” I asked.

“He’s nice, from Sweden.”

“Did he eat your pussy, too?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Was he good?”


“Am I good?”

“Oh, Nate, you’re the best! Number One!”

Her face sparkled, both of us knowing her answer was over the top. For her, men fell into groups, not individuals. When you’ve spent time with thousands of men, none of them stand out, and she cared far less for sexual prowess than the way she was treated as a person.

Lyn had begun her career at Emotions bar, a long-standing favorite among locals sitting lonely on Perimeter road between zones 1 and 2[2]. She started as a cherry girl and later became one of its highest producing bargirls, servicing as many as 5 men per day in the short-time hotel next door, before she built a large customer base, retired from the bars, and branched out to freelancing using online dating sites and High Society[3].

“Even during short-time at Emotions? They all wanted to lick you?” I asked.

“Yes, there, always.”

“Did you shower every time?”

“I wash, of course! Why?”

Lyn was 28 now, still a tiny girl, despite having two children with a Filipino husband during a brief time away from bars in her early twenties.

“Have you seen your husband?” I asked.

“No, he fly away forever, I think.”

“He doesn’t even see your kids anymore?”

“No, never. I don’t care. He do Shabu[4], I don’t want him around.”

“Still no foreigner ask you to marry?” I asked.

“No, no one ask. It’s ok, I like my boyfriends!”

“Did your cherry popper lick your pussy?” I asked. kopyright N.Renly

Lyn giggled.

“Yes, of course, so much!” she said.

“When is the last time you saw him?”

“Many years. But he message me sometimes still.”

“Do you miss him?” I asked.

“So much!”

“But he was so ugly!” I said.

“See how you are[5]!”

“Do you know any cherry girls now?” I asked.

“Yes, a few.”

“What is the going rate for a cherry now?”

“Same as before, 100,000.”

I’ve always had a fascination in cherry girls. In America, a girl making it to 18 without losing her virginity is rare, especially if she is even average in appearance. In the Philippines, extended families live close together, in small, cramped houses. It’s hard for them to find privacy. That’s why so many hotels in the country exist with short time rates, so adults can get some privacy from their uncles, cousins, 3rd cousins, great-grandparents, and adopted children. For teenagers with no money, finding privacy may mean the middle of a field, and what girl wants to lose her virginity that way?

“Did you use a condom your first time?” I asked.

“Nate! Why you ask? So long ago!”

Lyn and I didn’t use condoms, but I was confident she used condoms with 99% of her other men. It was a year before she let me go bareback, and she only agreed then because I was straight off the plane. She questions me occasionally on my use of condoms with other girls, but hasn’t made an issue out of condoms since. This is common in Angeles City, in fact, many girls will allow a man to go bareback on the second barfine. Some on the first, too, but I pick my spots more carefully. kopyright Nathan Renly 2018

“Of course, we not use condoms, I was cherry girl! Besides, I was very drunk!”

“Why did you get drunk?” I asked.

“My first time, of course, I get drunk!”

“Well, I guess I’d get drunk with that ugly guy, too!”

“Fuck you ka[6] Nathan!”

“How long were you together after that?” I asked.

“A year, he was very good to me,” she said.

“He was here for a year?”


“Did you cheat on him during that year?” I asked.

“Oh, you know me,” she said.

I laughed. “Yes, I do. So, how many men did you barfine with your first year you lose your cherry?”

“So many.”

“While you had your new foreigner boyfriend?” I asked.

“Sure. I need to make the money, you know that.”

“And this is when you met your husband, too?” I asked.


“How old were you when you popped your cherry?” I asked.


“I bet you were so fucking hot at twenty,” I said.

Lyn giggled.

“And your first year was at Emotions?” I asked.

“Yes,” Lyn laughed. “I was stupid. So cheap there.”

“They tipped you, right?” I asked.

“Sometimes,” she said. “If they not tip, I not go with them again. Or if they tip only 200, fuck them.”

Emotions had a 1,800 peso barfine for the longest time. I’d imagine a 200 tip would be common.

“What tip did you like?” I asked.

“500 was good. Many men give me 1,000. You know me, I always do good job, no matter what man.”

“But some men you just don’t go with?”


“What did you do if a non-tipper came in?” I asked.

“Oh, I just avoid him. If waitress ask me, I say I’m waiting for a customer.”


“If I have mens, that’s easy excuse.”

“But you don’t just say mens if you don’t want to go with the guy?”

“I don’t do that. I either tell them I have customer coming or that I don’t like them and don’t want to go with them.”

“Wow, I’ve never had a bargirl say that.”

“Of course you don’t,” she laughed. “You very handsome, you nice guy.”

The unfortunate reality in Angeles City is that men who are more appealing will have a better time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find women willing to go with anyone. Lyn wasn’t picky, I knew that from the pics of men in her phone. She had 70-year-old fat customers and 20-year-old marines. She cared more about the way they treated her, which included how they acted and how generous they were with money.

And though I’ve never had a bargirl say she doesn’t want to go with me because she doesn’t like me, I’ve had many say they had mens. Sometimes, I’m sure they did, but other times, they may have not liked me. Or, that may simply not want to work that day, like any worker anywhere in the world. Maybe, they are hungover or have morning sickness, or have plans with their family, you never know the true reason and it’s best to not worry too much about it. Unlike their counterparts in sex destinations such as Mexico, Angeles City bargirls are expected to be (copyrite Nathan R.) at work six days per week, and they receive a daily stipend for showing up, which usually amounts to 150-200 pesos.

“Have you ever had a customer hurt you?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, like hit you or choke you?” I asked.

“Oh, never! Oh my God!”

“You’ve never had a bad experience with a man?”

Lyn thought for moment.

“Only when they don’t want to use a condom,” she said. “One man when I was very new, there was big problem. He tried to fuck me without. He was drunk and kept trying and trying.”

“He tried to hold you down?” I asked.

“Yes, I fought him and kicked him. He got very mad and said he’d take me back to the bar and ask for his money back. I said, ‘fuck you, let’s go, I don’t want your money!’”

“He got his money back?” I asked.

“Oh, no! My mama-san ask him why and he says because I don’t want to wear condom. That’s end. They not give money back for that. She says, ‘Sorry sir, all customer must wear condom.’ He yelled in the bar and some customers help throw him out. Asshole guy.”

“So, you kept the money and didn’t have to fuck him either?”

Lyn giggled. “Yes.”

Bleep bi ding.

Lyn picked up her Iphone 7 and eyed a message, then her face lit up.

“Woohoo, ten thousand pesos!” she said.


“Customer send me ten thousand.”

“What? What da fuck? Just now?” I asked.

“Yes, I ask him for it earlier, he’s in England, morning there,” she laughed.

“What did you tell him?” I asked.

“Nothing, just ask for money.”

“Just ask? No excuse? No sick cousin?” kopyright Nathan Renly 2018

“No, I tell him I want to buy necklace.”

“So, are you going to buy a necklace?”

“Yes, of course!”

“A ten thousand peso necklace?”

“Oh, no! No way! Maybe five hundred.”

We both laughed.

“Is he your number one customer?” I asked.

“Oh, no.”

“Really? Another customer does more for you?”

“Oh yes, he’s like… maybe… number 4.”

“How often does good old number 4 send you ten thousand?” I asked.

“Not often, maybe a few times per year. He’s very nice when he’s here, he stays at ABC and gives me lots of presents. He’s chubby, too, and isn’t able to fuck too much.”

“Sounds very easy,” I said. “Very good customer.”

“Yes, of course.”

“What about number 1?” I asked. “What does he do when he’s here?”

“My number 1… he’s very rich, very nice man. He like boom-boom though. Lots and lots of boom-boom. Threesome, foursome, he like party.”

“So, with him, you share him with other girls?” I asked.

“Yes, but I’m his number 1 girl. He likes me because I play with the girls, too. He’s very fun, you know.”

“How much does he give you?” I asked.

“Every month.”

“He sends you money every month? How much?” I asked.


My jaw dropped. To put that in perspective, nurses in rural cities make about that.

“What about number 2?” I asked.

“My number 2, Swiss guy, much different. He loves me, thinks I’m good girl.”

“What? Like you are his only girl?” I asked.

“Yes, exactly.”

“He thinks you never boom-boom any other man?” I asked.


“Just… how? And how much does he send?” I asked.

“He sends me sometimes fifty thousand, sometimes twenty thousand. It depends on him. When he comes to the Philippines, we always stay Boracay[9].”

“How often does he come?” I asked. kopyright Nathan Renly 2018

“Only 2 weeks per year.”

“He sends you all that money for only two weeks per year?” I asked.

“Yes, he loves me.” She giggled manically.

“And this guy who just sent the 10,000? Does he love you, too?” I asked.

“Yes, he want me to come England.”

“Won’t you have to marry him?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s what he says.”

“But you can’t marry him, you are married,” I said.

In the Philippines, divorce doesn’t exist thanks to the influence of the Catholic Church. Annulments and other nullifications exist, but they are expensive and part of a corrupt system, out of reach even for a high-income bargirl such as Lyn.

“He says he will try to get my annulment,” she said. “But you know, men say shit.”

“If he did, you’d marry him?” I asked.

“Yes, of course.”

“And go England?”

“Oh, it’s my dream. America more though. Nate, why don’t you take me America?” she asked.

“Not a chance,” I said.

Lyn frowned.

“That’s why I love you, Nate,” she said. “You don’t fucking bullshit me.”

“Then what number am I?” I asked.

“Oh, you? You are number … hmm. Nine.”

“Well, at least I made the top 10.”

It was 7 am before Lyn and I stumbled back to my apartment. With the jet lag, it was essentially evening for me, [copyrigt Nate R. ] and like most evenings in Angeles City, I was tipsy. Lyn joined me with a couple San Mig[10] Apples as we ate the 100 peso breakfast at Envy.

“You are not tired?” I asked her.

“Not yet, don’t worry, I sleep later.”

Icon is a short walk from Envy, with the choice of taking a back road, past the Queen’s Hotel and a small section of cheap bars, some expats refer to as “Blow Island.”

That phrase comes from “Blow Row” which is A. Santos Street that runs away from Walking Street behind Kokomo’s. Even just a decade ago, A Santos was full of cheap hole-in-the-wall bars where you could get a blowjob for as low as 500 pesos. Now Blow Row has only a few sex shops and they’ve gotten more expensive, but no better quality. Many of the bars have been replaced by bargirl clothing shops and convenience stores.

Straight back from Envy, and behind Orchid Inn is a church on the bend of the street. If you walked by and it wasn’t Sunday, you probably wouldn’t notice the church as your attention would be drawn to a few makeshift bars in former homes that often have several girls sitting out front. This is “Blow Island” and there you can find the cheapest barfines in the Walking Street area. No more on that, I’ve never even stopped in for a beer, as I’ve never seen my sort of talent out front.

Lyn and I turned past the Queen’s Hotel.

“My best customer ever was the owner of this hotel,” said Lyn.

“Oh yea, he’s very rich?” I asked.

“Yes, and he liked cherry girls,” she laughed. “I sold my cherry to him three times.”

“Are you fucking serious?” I asked.

“Yes, he was very old. He couldn’t see too well, he didn’t realize I was the same girl.”

“What da fuck, Lyn! That’s so terrible. And he didn’t know you weren’t a virgin?” I asked.

“No, the first time, I was still very new, I complain a lot, I didn’t like it anyway, I think he believe me. The second time, I had mens, so he really believe me,” she laughed.

“The third time, he figured it out, but the bar already have money. He never ask for it back,” she said.

“100,000 pesos every time?” I asked.


“Jesus. I should feel lucky you don’t ask me for more.”

“My favorite guys, I don’t care about money, just happy you come see me!” she said. copyright Nathan Renly 2018

[1] Boom-boom – vaginal intercourse. An imported phrase from Thailand you’ll only hear in the bars of Angeles City.

[2] See Appendix.

[3] High Society – a dance club on Walking Street popular with freelancers.

[4] Shabu – Crystal Meth.

[5] Filipino expression meaning a joke at someone else’s expense, or straight rudeness.

[6] Fuck you ka – I’ve never understood why Filipinas sometimes say this. I’ve asked what ka means and they say it means “you” so it’s as if they are saying fuck you you.

[7] Oh- oo, written just as “Oo” means yes in Tagalog. Careful on this, it’ll get you in trouble as it can sound like the American grunt of no.

[8] Mens – Menstruation. A common excuse from bargirls in Angeles City.

[9] Boracay – Resort island.

[10] San Miguel – A Philippine beer.

[11] Bola bola – You are bullshitting me.

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