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Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

The Thai girlfriend on a sex trip


Excerpt from Sex Excursionist vol 2

In Thailand, there’s not really a fine line between a pure sex trip and having a girlfriend while on a legitimate vacation. It’s more of a solid glass wall. When you find yourself on the side of a traveler with a hot local girlfriend, you can see all the fun you’d be having on the other side of the wall, but it seems you’d have to smash the glass in order to get back to it.

It’s for that reason, when I find myself on the wrong side of the glass wall, I tend to run a range of emotions from slight discomfort to full blown panic. My time in Thailand was limited, and being on that side of the wall meant not accomplishing the primary goal of the trip – having sex with multiple girls. It’s always because I found something special in a girl, such as being able to cum inside her without a care in the world. It’s easy enough to return to the other side, at least you’d think it would be, but when the breakup is made, someone always shatters, and if I’m lucky it’ll just be her.

With Gib, I knew the eventual break-up would be even more profound, since she had not experienced it yet. I was her first farang, she was probably running the dream through her head of meeting a foreigner, traveling to America, and everything in her life being fixed, not to mention all the money she would make for her family. She may have even been texting her family already announcing the good fortune.

The tropical morning sun was peeking through the shades in our room at the charming family owned hotel I had spent the last few nights with Gib on the island of Koh Lanta. She lay asleep facing me, with a peaceful look on her face, a look of contentment like a puppy dog in the protective arms of its master.

I cared about her deeply. I’d just spent ten incredible days with her in Thailand. There was no baggage, no bickering over payment, and despite, or perhaps because of, the language barrier which forced us to sit in silence most of the time, we were happy together at every silly moment, whether we were sitting on the beach or frolicking in bed. We did a ton of the latter.

We were flying back to Bangkok that day, and I had decided before we left that I would either end it with her upon returning to Pattaya, or spend the rest of my trip with her and accept that I wouldn’t return to the sex tourist side of the glass. The shattering of the glass seemed unbearable to me, the thought of it pained me as if I would be destroying a human being in the process, and I wasn’t sure which human would be more devastated.

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