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Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Are you a Sex Tourist?


Most won’t click the link to this article. The phrase “Sex Tourist” carries a stigma, and anyone labeled a Sex Tourist could find himself/herself ostracized by professionals or family.

This site, and many like it, will often use the phrase “Single Male Traveler” so that we can talk about a Sex Tourist, which are our readers, without offending said reader.

What is a Sex Tourist?

Red Windows in Amsterdam's red light district
Amsterdam Red Light District

A Sex Tourist is a traveler who intends to purchase sexual services at his destination.

By that definition, many travelers would be covered. A large majority of single visitors to destinations with sex on offer will engage in it at least once, even if that were not the sole purpose of the trip.

I would define a Sex Tourist as a traveler whose primary purpose of travel is purchasing sex.

I have searched for the answer to this question on Google and found definitions as extreme as “A Sex Tourist is a person who travels to a 3rd-world country to purchase sex, often with underage girls.” This statement is wrong in many places. First, it doesn’t always mean a 3rd-world country. Some Sex Tourists travel to New Zealand or The Netherlands for sex, and while there are men who pray on underage girls/boys in 3rd-world country, they are the exception and not the norm, and perhaps should carry a different label, perhaps something like, oh I don’t know… maybe “Pedophile.”

Is Sex Tourism wrong?

Opinions vary. The ethics of prostitution is a complicated matter and out of scope for this site. Contrary to some media, most prostitution is between two consenting adults, who both made a personal decision to engage in the activity. Bargirls in Angeles City and Pattaya (for example) choose to work because it is easy and pays well.

It is because the supply exists that Sex Tourists travel there.

And while most Sex Tourists would never dream of exploiting a woman or a child, there are those bad apples that give other Sex Tourists a bad name. Predators often hunt in sex destinations out of convenience. Since prostitution exists on the fringes of the law (even in Thailand), bad actors in the industry allow predators to flourish.

Despite that, most sex trafficking occurs from sex destinations to other countries. Girls who are seeking legitimate work as a bargirl are enticed with offers to travel to other countries where their freedom can be leveraged. (This is the author’s conjecture based on articles read and personal experience)

How you can help on your next sex vacation

Keep your eyes open for suspicious activity. If someone on the street offers you an underage girl, report that person, as anonymously as you can.

If a bargirl in your employment says she may be leaving the country for work, advise her to check with authorities about the company offering her the employment.

Use common sense. As an educated man engaging in an activity that could have unintended side effects, it is your duty to respond ethically in all situations.


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