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Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Angeles City and the corruption of a bargirl


Excerpt from Sex Excursionist vol1

Meanwhile in Club Equus

“Have you been with a couple since the last time we saw you?” I asked her. I might as well get straight to it now since my plan of easing her into it seemed shot.


“Well, we would love to take you home tonight, but are you sure you are ready for it?” I asked.

“Ummm. I think so. I want to try,” she said. It was the same excited but nervous attitude she had the first night we met.

“Ok, but I need to know you are ready. Kiss Lynn right now and I will barfine you,” I said. That just popped into my head.

“Ahhhh! See how you are!” laughed Lynn slapping me on the leg. Now it was Lynn who was embarrassed.

Neither of them turned to each other immediately. I caught them both off guard, but now I was determined to either make it happen or send Marilyn on her way.

“It’s ok girls… here,” I said taking Marilyn’s hands and putting them in Lynn’s. Poor Marilyn’s cheeks were puffed up bright red and though she sported a shy smile just could not bring herself to look in Lynn’s direction. I knew Lynn was ready and would take charge if I could just get Marilyn turned toward her.

And then it happened. Marilyn turned her head and lifted her eyes to look at Lynn. After Lynn caught her gaze, she responded by smiling and bringing her hand up to her cheek in a playful manner. Though I’m not sure, when Marilyn’s head went forward and contacted Lynn’s lips, it seemed the final push came from Lynn’s hand.

The kiss was sad. At least, it would have been if not for the situation. Butterflies were filling my belly. I’m sure they were fluttering madly in Marilyn’s. Lynn’s eyes were wide open and she was holding back chuckles while Marilyn’s eyes were closed tightly. The kiss lasted about 30 seconds until Lynn stopped and said, “Ahh, she’s so sweet,” and placed her hands on Marilyn’s shoulders to lean her body into hers in a loveable way.

I could detect nothing from Marilyn that would indicate she was going to grow cold later. In fact, it was the opposite. I sensed she was excited not only to be barfined but by the sexual encounter she was bound to have. Excitement was building in me as well. It was a new feeling that I was having, a predatory instinct. I wanted to corrupt this girl. I wanted to push whatever boundaries she may have. She was becoming merely an object in my mind, a toy to be played with and thrown away.

Angeles City bargirl threesome

As we waited for Marilyn to get dressed, I wrestled with the decision whether to take her to Gossip or to take her straight to the hotel. The upside to Gossip was the opportunity to get drinks in her and possibly loosen her up more, but it seemed she was already willing and perhaps there would be no better time. I decided to just go straight to the hotel, partially out of believing she would be eager to get dirty regardless, but I was mainly just impatient.

She emerged from the dressing room wearing a long white shoulder-less dress with blue flowers. I see some of the girls wear these types of dresses in the Philippines, it seems to be a fashion trend. To an American, they look like something that might have been worn in the 1920’s by a conservative southerner, and likewise, it seems that only the more conservative girls wear these types of dresses. Of course, I’m no fashion expert and perhaps the notion that a Philippine girl’s dress would have anything to say about their personality is my own mind’s total fabrication. But… I enjoyed the thought immensely. I couldn’t wait to soil this conservative daddy’s girl from some farm on Leyte here to make money for her family.

Lynn and I both stood up to meet her so we could take our leave of the bar. As I saw Marilyn standing beside Lynn, the age differences really struck me. Marilyn was ten years younger than Lynn and while that isn’t much between a man and his sex worker, it is an eternity among the sex workers themselves. Marilyn wasn’t even in her prime yet, she was still in the nervous inexperienced domain when she will be chosen purely off her youth. Lynn was past her prime, she was now in the domain where she had to hustle for money by convincing her customers she was worth every penny. I didn’t figure Marilyn would ever get to Lynn’s domain, but I might change my mind after tonight.

“Let’s get some drinks!” exclaimed Lynn, before I could tell her my desire to go straight the hotel.

Marilyn smiled and nodded her head in excited agreement, putting to rest any notion in my mind of going straight to the hotel. I couldn’t be the stick in the mud that didn’t want to party a little, but I was not about to let them camp out in High Society, who knows how long that would take. I informed them that we’d go to Gossip, to which they were fine with.

Bubbly with personality as she usually was, Lynn grabbed Marilyn’s arm and escorted her out the bar with myself following closely behind. My excitement continued to escalate seeing the skinny elegant pant suit of Lynn alongside and directing the voluptuous conservative dress of Marilyn towards our date with debauchery. I begin to plan the sequence of events that would happen in the bedroom, hoping they could come to fruition.

The picture I formed in my head was of Lynn leaning back against the headboard in the room at Central Park with a small hole cut out in her pantsuit exposing her pussy to Marilyn who was leaned over on her knees still wearing her flowered dress. I approached from behind and lifted her dress over her back exposing her soft young ass to me. Then I slid my dick gently into her asshole as she continued to dine on Lynn.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy when it comes to fucking a girl’s ass, and I tried to snap myself out of it.

Later that night…

“I want to do you,” she said to Lynn. Yes, much better idea!

Lynn laughed loudly. “You want to lick my pussy?”

“Mhmm… I want to…” she repeated unable to hide the nervousness in her voice.

Excerpt from Sex Excursionist vol1

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