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Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Nana Plaza: A morning Street Walker


[ Continued from A Bangkok Layover – Sex ]

You just never know what kind of fun you’ll have in Bangkok if you have a bit of money… really … just a bit. I had 1000 baht left after last night’s fun and when I awoke at 5:30am with the morning dawn, after just 3 hours of sleep (damn jet-lag), I headed across the street to the 7-eleven to grab a quick bite, leaving me with 900 baht, coffee, and cookies.

Outside the 7-Eleven, I stood on the street to case the scene of early morning Nana Plaza, as I would probably not see it again for a year. It was quiet. Besides some motorbike-taxi guys sitting around, there was not a street walker or john in sight, nor were there any drunks stumbling back to their hotel. There were no massage girls and no Thai girls doing the walk of shame. It was pathetic and I thought, “oh well, even Bangkok can’t be interesting at 5:30am.”

I began a saunter back the short way to the hotel and as I was just entering the alley, I heard a familiar call from a Thai sex worker, “Hey you!” Ahh, that’s more like it.

I looked down the street and saw two girls heading my direction. One was chubby and unattractive, and the other was tiny, young, and wearing a white tee-shirt and jean shorts showing off a skinny frame and legs.

“Hey! Isn’t it a little late?” I yelled back.

“No! Not late! Early!” the tiny one yelled chuckling.

I waited for them to reach me and was immediately propositioned by the chubby one. “Hey, you want smoke?”

“Only blowjob?” I asked.

“You can boom-boom my friend, 2000 baht.”

I knew 2000 baht was not going to be the last offer and it didn’t matter much anyway as I only had 800 baht to spend, saving 100 to get back to the airport.

“2000? Are you crazy?” I replied, letting them know I was not stupid.

“Ok, 1500. You boom-boom my friend, I smoke you,” the chubs said. I really wasn’t interested in the chubby one touching me.

“This time in the morning? How about 500 baht, I only boom boom your friend,” I said to chubs since she was obviously the negotiator. In fact, now that I got a closer look at the young one, I wondered if she was even old enough. She looked barely 16. Could this be her older sister pimping her out? I didn’t worry too much about it though as the hotel would require an ID.

“No No,” the chubs said without a counter offer.

I began to walk away.

“Wait you! I smoke you 1000.”

“Ok, I’ll take a blowjob from your friend for 800, final offer,” I said expecting it to be accepted.

“She doesn’t like blowjob!” yelled chubs at me so loud the motorbike taxi guys snickered and began listening intently.

I turned to the tiny girl standing a couple feet behind her aggressive friend with a shy look on her face. She had been a part of this kind of negotiation before but it seemed she wasn’t totally comfortable with it.

Saying directly to her, “You can do blowjob or boom-boom for 800, up to you.” Though, I’m sure it was more up to her fatty friend. I waited as they spoke to each other in Thai, until the tiny girl began nodding her head.

“Ok, 800 is ok,” said the chubs without clarifying if it was blowjob or boom-boom. This made me a bit uneasy, but I had a plan for anything they might have cooked up in that little Thai conversation – call it the experience of a Sex Tourist.

Bangkok Layover Sex

Alley near Nana Plaza with short time rooms.

We walked quietly the short way to my hotel and arriving at the front desk, awoke the clerk. The clerk was a nice middle-aged Thai man that I’d spoken with briefly to the night before. He nodded and waited to accept the girls’ IDs.

“Only her,” I said pointing to the tiny one.

This did not go over well at all. “I go too, she is shy… why you no like me?” and blah blah blah.

I waited for her to get it all out and then I said, “Only her, there’s a chair outside, it won’t take long.”

Besides that I was repulsed by the chubby girl, I’m cautious about taking two hookers to my room, especially if they are street walkers. One girl is shy and easy to keep track of. Two girls are courageous and tricky.

I believe they understood in my voice I was not budging on this and when the clerk spoke to them in Thai, they began talking to each other and quickly relented. The tiny one handed over her ID and shyly began the walk with me to the room. She didn’t feel comfortable without her friend’s company.

In the room, she walked in and sat on the bed waiting for me.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Preeda,” or something like that she said.

“Pretty?” I asked giggling.

“No! Preedaaa,” she said letting a smile cross her face. “What do you want?” she continued.

“Well, let’s take a shower,” I said.

She stood up and robotically undressed. While her demeanor was still somewhat shy, she had no hesitation in showing her body to me. She was a tiny thing, with no breasts to speak of and narrow hips and a flat butt. There was not a mark or hair on her body though there were noticeable tan lines from the tee shirt and shorts outfit she must wear every day. Her little pussy puffed out towards the front of her thighs, and her best feature was her legs, they were the legs of a young active girl.

She walked into the shower as I undressed and followed her. That did not seem to bother her as she stoically turned on the water and began to lather up her lower body being careful not to get her hair wet. When she was finished, I moved in next to her and she soaped up her hands and began to wash my dick.

“You like?” she asked, again very mechanically. She had not shown any passion but also no reluctance.

My dick poked in her belly as I tried to pull her close.

“No, the bed,” she said, pushing me away. I could wait, I was not the horny man from last night. I stood there as she lathered up my crotch and then spinning me around washed down my ass fingering my hole teasingly.

“Ok, done,” she said sounding utterly bored.

We toweled off together and I scanned her body. I wondered if I was going to fit. I could have been twice as wide at the hips as she was.

Returning to the bed, I sat on the end and leaned backward on my elbows which placed my dick on the edge of the bed. As she entered, she went to grab the condom from the desk and returned and knelt down to put it on. I was not fully erect however.

“How about a blowjob first?” I asked her even knowing the conversation from the street.

“No, I don’t like,” she said as she continued the motions of opening the condom.

I doubted she’d never given a blowjob, and would do it if I persisted, and now I truly wanted it. Now that she was refusing and insisting she didn’t like doing it, I had to get my dick inside her mouth.

I leaned forward a little and put my hand on her shoulder.

“Just a little ok, I promise I’ll be very quick if you give me blowjob,” I begged.

“No, I don’t want,” she repeated, but stopped moving to place on the condom.

“Just a little bit,” I said beginning to tug her shoulders downward.

Sigh… She was getting irritated but I suspected it was not the kind of irritation like she was ready for a fight, but instead the kind like she would just have to do it.

“You tip me?” she asked.

“Yes, of course,” I answered, knowing I didn’t have the money for a tip, but being unable to answer any other way due to my hardening dick.

“Ok, a little,” she answered and lowered herself and grabbed my cock directing it toward her mouth.

As I felt the moist lips of the young girl around my cock, I answered, “No tip for a little.”

I’m sure that she heard me but she didn’t indicate that she’d do it more than “a little,” as she barely had my cock in her mouth and was touching it with nothing but her lips. It felt like a ring of dry skin sliding over the tip of my dick. Her hand holding the shaft was firm, so there was no sensation whatsoever.

I let her proceed for about half a minute this way and then I placed my hand on the back of her head and began to push down. “Come on honey, you can do better than that.”

Her eyes glanced up at me as she pushed back against my hand. I looked straight at them and nodded my head in encouragement. I felt a sigh in the back of her throat as she closed her eyes and lowered a bit onto my dick and finally feeling the softness of her tongue fully contact me, I started receiving a half decent blowjob with the help of my hand bobbing her up and down.

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