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Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Resource for the well-traveled gentleman.

Bangkok Layover

Bangkok Layover Cover

Bangkok Layover – Nana Plaza – 36 hours in the world’s largest red-light district

A favorite read for the inbound Bangkok traveler!

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Follow Nathan, a 50-year-old experienced traveler, on a 36-hour stopover in Bangkok. Though his hopes begin high, with expectations for satisfying sex with young bargirls, he finds his stay plagued by disaster, beginning with a delayed flight, an uncooperative massage girl, and unfriendly Nana Plaza go-go girls. He finds himself battling his own mood as he struggles against time to engage in a fulfilling short-term relationship, eventually falling into the arms of a transgender call-girl.

This book is for the reader of Erotic Stories, and travelers wishing to experience Bangkok’s Red-light district from the perspective of a frequent visitor. Information can be found on the following subjects:

  • Go-go bars
  • Massage Parlors
  • Street Walkers
  • Bangkok’s Transgender community

With his time winding down in Bangkok and lacking the fulfilling companionship he craved, a bright personality enters his life. Appearing as a beautiful woman, but openly part of Bangkok’s transgender community, he must put aside his prejudice to feel the affection he longs for.

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I hate negotiating with prostitutes, especially when I’m naked and they are holding my dick. It subtracts from the enjoyment as if I was employing her for cleaning a house instead of my pipes, and reminds me that despite the dank room and hideous teeth, she’d still have nothing to do with me if money weren’t involved.

I’d heard if you want a great blowjob, to get a ladyboy. Pushing 50 and it was already the best blowjob I’d received in my life, which led to other thoughts. Why had she not removed her towel? Thailand bars abound with stories of ladyboys seducing the young and naïve, making them cum with a blowjob and then forcing payment, never showing the plumbing between their legs. Was Jan like that? I’d seen the pictures but was it a hoax to get me to go with her. She obviously knew how to make me cum in her mouth. Was that towel ever going to come off?